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access denied 16000

snuba Kauai


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Hello Kevin,


I'm getting this error ("access denied -16000") from the Roxio MyDVD LE Version 6.1.6 as well. Can you please forward me the solution as well? I've searched the knowledgebase but have been unable to find a solution for this fix. I would really appreciate.


Thanks in advance,


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The known fix was for MyDVD 5. If you're encountering this in MyDVD 6, the following copied from our knowledge base on the topic will be useful.


1) Make sure that you have all permissions and sharing set for you folders and hard drives and you are using the administrator account of the computer. Also, make sure that you are not using networked drives for your project.


2) The files being accessed are locked (in use) or encrypted. If you are trying to use files from an encrypted commercial disc, this error will pop up. You can't copy an encrypted disc.


3) Make sure that all of the attributes of your session are located on the top level of your hard drive in the same folder. Make sure that your session is on the same drive as your attributes. The best way to go is to have a folder for every function of MyDVD on the top level of your hard drive: MyDVD Assets, MyDVD Capture, MyDVD Cache/Temp, MyDVD Builds, and MyDVD Sessions. Make sure that the proper hard drive functions in File-->Preferences-->Hard Dives are routed properly and you maintain this order with every build and session. This can be accomplished in DVDit to certain degree as well. For a better explaination, please reference the articles Building a DVD Folder to your hard drive using DVDit! and then burning a DVD and Building A DVD Folder to your hard drive using MyDVD


4) You may be having issues with an outdated or non compliant ASPI. Please make sure you have your ASPI drivers updated. Do NOT as install anything higher than 4.6 as there are documented cases of this not working smoothly on all systems.

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