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Processor Question



Not sure if this is the correct section of the forum for this question...


I was recently told that DVD authoring should really not be done on a laptop because it could burn up the processor. I was also told that authoring on a laptop is not as good as a desktop because the majority of professional use desktops and then a list of reasons.


Also, is it necessary to turn off management programs and virus programs running in the background when burning dvd's?


The laptop being referenced in our conversation has a 2 Ghz processor, 1GB of ram 80Gb memory (over half unused).


Just was curious as to other's thoughts. I feel like this is an opinion discussion but the person who expressed this seems to think it is fact written in stone..just wanting to know others opinions.


I don't want to destroy a computer, but this just seems strange to me.



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I have a laptop just a bit faster than yours that I occasionally do encoding with and it's slow but not painfully so.

I also have 1gb ram and a smaller hard drive and get by. Never heard of burning up the processor due to encoding, lol.

I find closing all unneeded programs helpful and I don't touch the laptop while it's working. However, I prefer my desktop for video work. I can tell you the laptops out now are perfect for video work but it all depends on how it's equipped. I'd do my work on the fastest system I have if it were me.

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There are some 'could be' exceptions but overall this is nonsense. If the laptop is running a mobile cpu it will be fine. Some mfg's throw a desktop cpu in them and don't provide enough cooling for prolong cpu intensive operations. Even then there is a thermal breaker that will trip shutting down the laptop before it is damaged… My 1.6ghz laptop has been toiling along for 4 years. It doesn't have a DVD burner, but I often render to ISO then push it over to the desktop that has the burner.


I do agree that desktop would do better because they have faster cpu's, better video cards and better cooling.


Background operations do take a toll because they require a slice of the cpu's time. Yes they should be shut off during render.

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The largest concern with laptops and EMC9 is the video chipset. There are very few laptops with better video chipsets. I have EMC9 installed on a Gateway with the Intel 845/855 Extreme 2 video chipset. It only works in software render mode, but it does work. Don't worry. You won't melt down your laptop. :)

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