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Converting Audio to MP3 of My I870



Hi Everyone,


I'm new to this forum and a little confused being out of the loop for sometime. :)


Here's my problem:


I bought my i870 a little over a year ago and for those here who have them know that a EMC disk came with it at that time I was living in NY now I am in GA. I don't have that disk with me but my wifes computer has EMC 7 Basic VCD Edition and I am not sure how we got this on this computer (I am think that I use here disk from the phone I bought here and has lost the disk). So my first question is is this the same version as the one that came with my i870?


If this is not is there a downloadable version? or Will this version allow me to convert my audio files into mp3 format usable on my i870?


And in either case (I have to download another version or this version will allow me to do it) can someone please walk me throught the process because it has been a long time since I have done it and even at the time I was doing it it was with alittle difficult.


Thank you in advance


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Basic versions supplied by OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers tend to be altered in some ways.


Never having come across the one you had, it's almost impossible to say whether or not another basic version would do.


Perhaps if you contacted the makers of the i870 they could shed more light on this

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