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Toast to EMC 9





I find that I have to transfer several .toast images over to a PC to burn them. I have EMC 9 on the PC. Is it possible to make a disc image in Toast EMC 9 will read/burn accurately? I know Toast can save images as .bin files.


For example, I have two kinds of CD's I need to do.


First, I have a Mac Data CD. It's all laid out exactly as I need it to appear under Mac OS X. If I save the image as a .bin (or any other format) can EMC 9 read the image and burn it exactly -- i.e., keep the Mac format -- and have it be readable and come out the same as on the Mac side?


The second kind of CD is a regular audio CD, originally burned from iTunes. Can EMC 9 make an exact Disc copy of the CD, or will it work if I make the disc copy first in Toast, and then save an image file -- .bin(?) and have EMC 9 work from that?


In other words -- what's the best way to get EMC 9 to burn Toast images?




All My Best,


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Have you tried saving out a Toast disc image, then renaming it with the .iso extension, then burning it in Creator?


In Toast, prepare your project, and then choose "File > Save As Disc Image"

It creates a disc image with an extension of .toast

Then rename that file to have .iso as the extension and bring it over to the PC.

Try opening and burning that in Creator.


Of course, you could also just burn a disc and bring the disc over... the discs are compatible.

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