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16:9 on PC and MAC / But full screen on TV



What I have:


TOAST 8 on Mac OS X intel

Latest Quicktime Pro on both Mac & XP box.


Living room:

Panasonic DMR E55 DVD Player

Hitatchi rear projection 4:3 native.


Normal use Description:

I am able to view both 4:3 (Full Screen) and 16:9 (Letterbox) formated disks using player without having to change any settings. I have a very large collection of DVDs - 95% in widescreen format.


What I did using Toast 8:

Made 3 DVDs with the following settings:

VIDEO>DVD-Video using .AVI file

Video: 8.0 Mbps (8.0 Mbps Max), 16:9

Audio: Dolby Digital 192 kbps



Playback on Mac using Quicktime Pro = 16:9

Playback on XP using Quicktime Pro or Windows Media Player = 16:9

Playback on Panasonic DVD Player = Full Screen (with parts of bothe edges not appearing)


Any ideas about something within the Toast software that forces widescreen format when viewed on Panasonic Player?



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The aspect ratio instructions that Toast writes to the IFO file on a widescreen DVD is a conglomerate !6:9, letterbox and pan & scan. This leaves it up to the default setting of the player to decide which way to display the video. A logical explanation for what you are experiencing is that the Panasonic player is set to output pan & scan unless the DVD's IFO file is specifically calls for a different aspect ratio setting. You can change this in the player's video set up menu so that it chooses 16:9 by default.

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