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Problems with EMC ( are Legion!



I have been messing around with this program for a few weeks, and I gotta say it is the poorest integrated suite of software I have ever dealt with. The APIs are weak. The system hangs constantly, and it is a very non-intuitive application. The user manual is not worth the disk space or paper it is written on. When I first bought the program it didn't work and I realized that it was most likely my video card. So I went out and bought a new system. I made sure I was getting a system with a video card that would handle DiectX 9.0c and plenty of Video RAM. My system has 256K dedicated memeory (Not shared). My other stats are below.


My latest problem is when I perform a disk copy I get a Microsoft C++ error window on the tray that I cannot open and an hour glass that spins and jumps all over the screen. I was able to get through the disc copy process and the disc appears to be okay. But the hour glass remains until I reboot the system.


When will Roxio start supporting this product and come out with a patch? It isn't always a driver/video card problem. I think it is a poorly written program that should have been tested more thoroughly before going to market. They should also provide better support via this site or at least answer emails. BTW, I have them in my allow list, so they can get through the spam filter.

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I can't offer you any insight into your problems but as far as "provide better support via this site", this is not a Roxio support site but a user to user forum where fellow users try to help each other. However, Roxio does pay for this site for us which they don't have to do.

I've not had to contact support myself because the few problems I've had have been answered here. And, really, what company does have support anyone can brag about? :)

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