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Ripping Manual Filenames



Hi! I am a Creator 6 user who recently decided to upgrade rather than suffer the Incompatibility error messages at XP Startup. I am a hard core audio book listener. I rip the disks into MP3 format then play them on my MP3 player at work. I always insisted on staying loyal to Roxio because EZ CD Creator made it so easy to rip multi CD programs.


But, no longer. When I went to rip a disk I found I was unable to simply type in my filename. It gave me a menu of predetermined filename formats NONE of which contained disk number. I don’t see a manual setting anywhere. So we’re just stuck with whatever ID is on the disk, or on the internet? IDs on audio books are sketchy and inconsistent. I use a batch tagger, but I need unique filenames for each disk’s track set. I rip my books as BookTitle_DiskNumber_TrackNumber. Can 9 do this?

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You may have protected files - if that is the case, there are no commercial apps that will allow you to rip them to mp3 (apart from the legality of it)


If they aren't protected, they could be in a format that EMC9 doesn't recognise (or in a proprietary format that they aren't permitted to use)

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