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Video "stuck" on first frame/audio OK



I imported a dvr ms file, edited out the commercials, and burnt a dvd on a dvd-r disc. When I try to play it on a dvd player, all I get is the very first video frame (frozen) but the audio progresses OK. I've tried 2-3 different dvd players and the dvd drive on another computer, but all do the same thing. Any ideas on how to correct this?


I did try converting the file via MyDVD6 to a MPEG file and then burnt a disc via Windows Media Center; it played fine, but I want to be able to edit/create discs without these extra steps.

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Has this happened with any other files or is it just this one? If this happens consistently, you might have some sort of codec issue, MyDVD being forced to use some third party decoder.


If this is the first (and last) time you've seen this then this is most likely just a fluke that you'll never experience again. MPEG encoding is very delicate and can be effected by lots of things including CPU usage, decoders, encoders, bitrates, VBR vs CBR, and can result in spikes in the video. MPEG encoders range from near free to over $100k for various reasons, one being to reduce spikes in the video to prevent frozen frames. What you did in this situation was correct, simply reencode the video. If you were to reencode the source video again you probably wouldn't get the same issue because no two encodes are the same.


So basically it all comes down to, is this a recurring problem? If not, then it's not a problem.

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