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Removing sound from home movies.....



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You didn't give the info as to what format the movie is, but assuming it is a supported format in EMC8, you can bring in the mivie in Videowave. In Timeline mode, double click on the Native audio track of the movie. I believe there is an option to mute or turn down the volume of the movie.


Once you ahve done the above, you can now bring in the audio that you want to hear while the video is playing. You can add this music or several music files in the Music track (in Timeline mode of Videowave). You may need to do further editing if you want to match the duration of the music to the length of the video.


Save the Videowave production. Then open MyDVD and bring in the Videowave production to burn the production.


The background music you mentioned in MyDVD is for the menu (the sound that plays while the menu is on screen).


Also, you can take a look at the Tips 'n Tricks in EMC9 forum about making video. Some concepts there still apply to EMC8.

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the problem I notice is when I click mute I end up muting the whole film


Jess pointed at some help files in V9 Tips and Tricks. :huh: If you have a good internet connection, read the thread about the video demos. There is one there that shows you how do do what you want. If you have the V8 Deluxe Suite, the demo is the same for both V8 Deluxe and V9 Suite. If you have V8 Suite or MyDVD, then you don't have all the controls that are shown near the end of that demo but the rest of it is applicable.


Another way is to mark out the section you want to mute by using the splitter and then apply mute to that section.

Jess answered the question you asked; you did not say that you wanted to mute only part of the video. :) Some time with the help files or manual might help you understand the concepts.

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