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Roxio Easy Media Creator 9



Have been using easy media creator for several months and burnt CD;s and MP3's.

Tried using "Audio, Audio CD for Car or Home CD Player".

After music is added and clicking on the "Red" click button to continue (record).

I receive:

The instructions at "0x7778dcc6"

referenced memory at "0x0000000008" the memory could not be "read".

I have a ticket logged into Roxio..

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Try going to the Control Panel and running a repair of your installation.


First I tried a repair via the control panel and received an error:

“The feature you are trying to use is a network resource that is unavailable”


Second I remove the complete program and reloaded with original CD. After installation I tried a burn with the same original shutdown memory error.


Third I tried a repair through the control panel and this time it acted as it took. I tried another burn with the original shutdown memory error.

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Have you by chance installed either IE7 or WMP11?Both have been known to have issues with V9.If you have try rolling back to a previous version and see what happens.


I haven't installed IE7 because of several issues I have seen on these boards. I did have WMP11 and have previously rolled it back and then to be sure did an uninstall and reinstall of EMC9 when I first started searching the boards about the problem about a week ago and saw other posts warning about WMP11. Yesterday, I tried the repair process to see if that would help.

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