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IPEBase.cpp(2410) Error Message after revising transition times in VideoWave 8



I started my project in Slideshow then moved into VideoWave 8. I was about done with a simple digital picture presentation of 20 minutes with some panning etc. No music.


I was revising some of the transition durations then suddenly a pop-up shows a blue box with VideoWave 8 on top - no text in the middle - and two smaller boxes "details" and "ok" on the bottom. I clicked details and nothing appeared. So I continued revising the transitions, kept on getting the "blank" error message, kept on revising.


Finally I went to the front of the presentation to run it and noticed the control buttons ( run, fast forward, etc.) were not highlighted. I could not get the presentation to play. I tried deleting some of the transitions and then received the pop-up with the text: .\IPEBase.cpp(2410):***Error Null = pDraw.p. In details it showed Mixer is Null, Mixer is Null, Graph Builder is not initialized.


I ran the hotfix nullmixer.exe but that doesn't help.


I should correct the above to say I was changing the duration of the color panels I have in front of each picture. I was changing from 7 seconds to 3 seconds each.

Any suggestions?

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