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Editing DVD - TS_IFO issue



As background, I have done two clean re-installs and had multiple issues with attempting to import DVD home movies into Roxio. I have burned old Hi-8mm home movies onto DVD's in a separte set up. The DVD's are viewable on all players that I have tested, on my computer and through Roxio.


Initially, when I attempted to capture the files only a portion of the file would be captured. For instance, 16 minutes of a 30 minute file. I have tried the capture function and the add movies function in both Videowave and DVD Maker.


I re-recordered the DVD's into 10-11 minute separate movies, thinking that the length of the video was causing the problem. This is what happens now.


1. Copy TS_Video file to hard drive.

2. Open Videoware and add VOB files, six - 10 minute movies, to Videoware production.

3. Save production.

4. Close Videoware.

5. Open MyDVD Maker.

6. Import Videoware production

7. Receive message that IFO file is missing.

8. Identify correct folder containing the IFO file.

9. Receive separate IFO missing file for each VOB file and re-identify the IFO file.

10. Open the Videoware production in MyDVD for editing and discover that I have 6 copies of the first movie.


I have checked the production in Videoware and the separate movies appear. The problem only arises when I open the Videoware production in MyDVD after identifying the IFO file. I used the procedure of creating the Videoware production and opening it in MyDVD to address another frustrating problem.


Any solution?



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I had been trying the add movies by adding a Videoware project to a MyDVD project. This was the only way that I could work around some other issues. The files on in a separate folder on my hard drive. I us Videoware to add the movies to a project. They add perfectly and can be played. I save the Videoware project. When I open My DVD and use the add movies and add the saved Videoware project I am prompted that the IFO file is missing. When I identify the IFO file, all the saved movies from the Videoware project are the same movie. They all show as the first movie on the DVD.


If I try to directly add the movies to MyDVD without using Videoware, MyDVD freezes up.


I created two perfect DVD's using the above project, but when I started the third DVD - the problem arose.


I thought that, perhaps, I had some software issues. I decided to do a clean re-install last night. Now, I have even more problems. EMC 9 will not re-install. I am told that my serial number is not valid. Roxio has issued me three serial numbers. When I downloaded the software on January 6th a serial number was included on the invoice. Two days later I got an e-mail that there might be a problem with the serial number and they issued a new number. Last night I discovered a third serial number listed on the website in My Account. None of them work.


I have been at this three weeks and new glitches seem to appear. Something works two or three times and then a completely new or random problem appears.

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Don't even know why it would ask for IFO files since they are not used at all. Only the VOB contains the actual video. I would open the video_ts folder and delete all files except the VOB files you are using the project or temporarily move them to another folder. See if that helps.

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