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How do you successfully do crossfades & fades?



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I am going to be posting some video tutorials sometime soon. These are a lot more work then I realized. Its kind of like shooting a film. You have to do 20 takes to get one perfect one, otherwise I sound like an idiot when I mess up the narration.


Since you mentioned "narration", I'm hoping you mean that these tutorials will be QT video as opposed to still images with text. I find that videos seem so much more clear and can be paused or replayed as needed.



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Yes, the manual doesn't have this information. Roxio posted some articles describing these tools Here.


As a note, when you choose Custom in the cross fades button you'll get a window where you can preview and adjust the cross fade. Be sure to choose 0 seconds for the Pause between tracks. Also, if you click and hold on the track length you'll see an option for Track Trim which lets you cut off some of the beginning and end of tracks. I find this useful with the live album tracks I download from emusic.com.

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