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Gracenote download AND upload? Windows Media Player questions...



Hi all.


Does Easy Media Creator only download track info from Gracenote (like iTunes)? Or is there an upload capability (if an artist was building a new CD and they wanted to enter the tracks into EMC)? I haven't used the latest version of EMC.


I'm also working with a client try to get their audio album/track info published to WindowsMedia.com so Windows Media Player will display it for endusers of the CD on a computer. The information is spoken word (like an audio book). The only way I know that track data can be displayed in WMP is to send the completed audio CD with info. to AMG (www.allmusic.com), but they're telling me they only support music CDs. You can post data to WMP through the software, through a web form, but I believe MANY people have to do the same thing before they will publish it online (I did this yesterday, and it still doesn't display for me on another PC today)? Can anyone shed some light on this process. It has been very frustrating trying to find information on this topic. My solution was to just promote iTunes or other media players (WinAmp, etc), but this is not what they want to here.

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As far as I know it will accept uploads - I had a CD produced locally here that wasn't on the Gracenotes DB and I was able to add it (each track tho had to be manually added which can be a bit of a pain)


It being EMC? Are you saying that Roxio's EMC will forward the track data to Gracenote? Is this automatic, or is there a step involved (clicking a button, etc.)

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I can't recollect exactly what happened but I think I copied the CD and the program went to Gracenote looking for the listing and came back basically with an 'I can't FIND this - would you like to add it?'


Now whether it was EMC that did that or Gracenote I can't be sure but I've a feeling it was Gracenote. Every track had to be manually added anyway along with the normal information.


Believe me - once was enough for me :)

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