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toastbackgroundimage on windows side



I first reported this issue over a year ago, and expected a fix for this. Although the background image was only useful on the Mac side, whatever I did you I not get it to NOT show up on the Windows side. This was not fixed through multiple updates, but has been addressed in Toast 8.


I upgraded to Toast 8, but I do feel this is a bug that should be addressed in a Toast 7 update.

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Indeed, this has changed in Toast 8. In Toast 7, you can do a CMD-D to save as a disc image. On the save dialog press cancel. In the Toast window you can see the background image which you can set to invisible and not show on the PC. Then burn the disc.


I've tried that. When it burns the disc it undoes this setting (sets the file back to visible and on the Windows side). That was why I reported it as a bug - leaving it invisible would have been sufficient for me.


Thank you btw for your detailed instructions in the other post. I will try that today and get back to that thread (Toast 8 and Custom Hybrid)

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