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Extending The Windows Vista Grace Period to 120 Days

The Highlander

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Extending The Windows Vista Grace Period to 120 Days


Every Vista DVD includes the ability to install any edition of Vista without a product key. When you install without a product key, you get an automatic 30 day evaluation period.* This probably isn't news to anyone.

What may be news to you, however, is that you can easily extend the 30-day Windows Vista grace period to 120 days. No hacks required. This is an official, supported operation directly from Microsoft.


To extend the grace period another 30 days, simply start a command prompt as Administrator, and issue this command:


slmgr -rearm


Reboot for the change to take effect, and voila, you have 30 more days. You can only extend three times, so the total grace period for a Vista evaluation is 120 days.



more info here:


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