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I use a Samsung VR330 to record TV movies to DVDs.


I always use a 4.5GB DVD-RW to make the recording and then copy to a DVD-R.


This is the first time I had a recording that I could not duplicate to a DVD.



When I tried to copy the DVD-RW in Toast 7.1.2 Toast sezs " that this DVD-VR disc cannot be copied here.


It can however be added to the Video pane from the Media Browser".



At this time I'm not sure how the DVD-RW became a DVD-VR. That has never happened before.



Now what are the steps to add the to the Video pane from the Media Browser?



Sure need help with the last part. I;m still trying to remember what exactly I did to create a VR.

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Thank you for your valuable information.


Now I realize what was wrong. In the course of changing the original settings in the VR330 somehow I had set it to initialize the -RW disks to VR whereas I prefer/need video mode for editing using my Mac DVD editing software.


I bought the VR330 because the machine can transfer from video tape to DVD or from DVD to video tape.

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Thank you for your valuable information.

You are very welcome.

Now I also borrow commercial movies from my local public library and transfer/burn copies.

That's not legal so I wouldn't mention this to others or post it in forums. Friendly advice. If you can edit your post to delete that sentence, I'll delete this comment.

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I'm presuming the Samsung is a standalone DVD recorder. These recorders can format DVD-RW as either a VR-mode or video mode disc. The first time a blank DVD-RW is inserted the recorder automatically initializes it as either VR or video mode depending on the settings in the recorder.


I always use VR mode with my Pioneer standalone recorder when I'm going to be using Toast to make my DVDs. For one thing, VR mode discs don't need to be finalized. If just want to duplicate discs then it is easier to burn the original in video mode and use the Toast Copy window.


The process is to insert the disc and choose it with the DVD setting in the Toast Media Browser. Select the titles you want from the disc and drag them to the video window. Toast extracts the MPEGs from the disc and writes them to the Roxio Converted Items folder. After the MPEGs are extracted you can eject the disc. You then set up the menu the way you want in the Video window and burn your DVD.

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