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EMC 7.5 won't play dvd's



Hopefully I'm in the correct forum. I did a seach but couldn't find an answer. I've got EMC 7.5 and it won't play dvd's. Sonic Cineplayer had a pop window that said something about needing microsoft DirectX on the computer so I downloaded it and it still won't work. Just says "No Media" in the player controls window. WMP won't play either. It says there isn't a compatible DVD decoder on the computer. I thought that's what the Sonic Cineplayer was. What do I need to do to get my computer to play DVD's? The DVD burner is a Lite-on and did not come with any decoder software itself. The EMC should have come with a decoder.

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You might want to check this thread out for additional information regarding Cineplayer playing problems:




I suggest however, that you first check out the suggestions made by gi7omy, as Internet Explorer 7 will definitely kill a lot of programs using EMC 7.5. And if you have never had WMP on your computer other than ver. 11, that might be a problem to install and earlier version.



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Did you try the Roxio Player?


On some computers, the order in which you launched Cineplayer and inserted the DVD made a difference. some you had to launch Cineplayer, then insert the DVD. ( I think, but it might be the other way around.)

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