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Roxio 7.1 Label creator



I am having the same problem as Bigtom ( I pasted his msg below) with my new HP officejet Pro K550.

My last printer was an Epson C86 and printed labels perfectly .This C86 completely removed from puter prior to installing the HP 550.


I have made lablel for the past several years with no problem but this stumps me.

Printer prints in all cases perfectly except for the Roxio 7,1 Label printer..it all works fine, label pictures, Text, etc are imported to disk or Cover outline fine and all is well until I click the print button, then nolthing happens.


Any help greatly appreciated




"Earlier msg by bigtom

when trying to send a cd cover that ive imported from label creator to the printer it seems to do all the right things but nothing gets sent to the printer. my last printer was an epson C86and that was ok- import the cd cover, stretch it to fit the box and click on the print icon and hey presto it printed. i do the same with this one and the dialoge box containing the printer stuff opens, i press ok and it seems to work but its like nothing gets sent to the printer. the printer works fine with other programs. anybody got any ideas please. thanks tom"

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Check that EMC doesn't think the Epson is still the printer (when you select print, go to properties and see what is said there)


Thanks Much.


No EMC.....Had to play araound with it for a while but finally got it to work with:


GRAPHICS: Advanced

ICM: Disabled

ICM Intent: Pictures


Again thanks for getting me out of this damned problem

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