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EMC 8 Home Menu



When I try to open the EMC 8 home menu (the one where you can easily start the different roxio suite programs, tools, and recent projects) it appears to begin loading. I get a splash screen "SONIC" and then the program shows up on my taskbar, but there is no program window available on my desktop. All of the programs in the Suite seem to work fine if I start them individually from the Windows Start menu.


Are there any known bugs/issues/patches for this problem. I would rather not have to uninstall and reinstall the whole Suite in a failed effort to fix this. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I have recently encountered the exact same problem. I have spent hours trying to resolve it and was fortunate enough to find the answer elsewhere in this forum.

It's a simple answer to a very FRUSTRATING glitch. Just right click on the Roxio Cental icon on the bottom taskbar. Then click maximize and pooff...The Roxio Cental Home page comes back up.

It should open up noramlly again after this. However, there may be a glitch in the program that requires you to do this after you create a compilation in MYDVD, save it to hard drive as an .iso image and then copy the .iso image to DVD using Disc Copier. This is the last thing that I did before closing the program. The next time I tried opening Roxio Central, I got the "glitch".

Hope this helps. BIG THANKS to BOBSUNDANCE for the fix suggestion.

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