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Can't burn anything any more



Does anyone know which dll's I need to register to get the actual messages from RoxSniffer9, RoxLiveShare9 and AlbumCore9?


I've had a nightmare week during which Roxio ended up refusing to burn anything, and the error messages without text are frustrating! After a day's worth of reboots, removing and reinstalling software etc. I finally burned an iso image without locking up. So I have removed the details of that fiasco and am just begging for the dll names, as decipherable error messages would have saved me a lot of time.


The normalize option still causes EMC9 to crash the instant I hit the burn button. I think I'll take this up with Roxio directly; I posted about it in the crashes forum but none of the help people tried to give me has fixed that problem.


Ah, one more subject: during the nightmare there was a time when Roxio kept telling me the drive was open by Drive Letter Access. No reboot or any other step I took could get it to try to burn the CD because of this, even if I used dla disable on the drive. Now dla.exe refuses to talk to either my dvd rom or myh dvd writer; this has been true since I removed EMC9 and all other Roxio software then reinstalled it.

How do you get around the open-for-DLA error when you get it? And what gives with dla. THe drives still show up with letters. Can I remove dla.exe and the dla dir from my system dir with impunity?


Any help greatly appreciated.


FWIW, my config data:

I'm running XP Pro SP2 on a HT P4 3 Ghz, 2GB memory, NEC DVD+RW, JLMS DVD-ROM. My OS is healthy, my hardware is healthy, drivers and windows updates are current, I rebooted it countless times whiile removing/reinstalling software. I no longer have any CD/DVD-related software installed besides Windows and Roxio, except for the dla stuff which appears to be pinned in the system dir & not affected by uninstalling/reinstalling Roxio.

After reinstalling everything, Add/Remove programs lists Roxio's Suite, Content and Drag-to-Disc.

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DLA is Sonic's packet writing software as is Roxio's Drag to Disc.Did your computer come with Sonic apps preinstalled?If it did then the problem could be having 2 packet writing apps on your machine at the same time.

Check and see if this is the case.If it is remove the Sonic app.You could also uninstall D2D and see if that solves the problem.Not very many people use it.

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