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Burning problems


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Sorry about posting this here, but their isn't a section for ver.6. I've tried contacting support

but they haven't responded.


When using DVD Builder to create a DVD project, everything

works fine, or appears so, up to the burning process. When playing the preview,

it looks good and works perfectly. When I start the burning process, it shows that it's

encoding and burning, but that as far as it goes. It doesn't burn a workable dvd.

It will create a ISO file. I've tried using DVD Decrypter to use the ISO file to burn

the DVD. It does burn, but again, it's not a workable disk. It's looks corrupted. It

has trouble loading in my DVD player, and when it does, all is fine through the first

chapter. It will not proceed to the 2nd or 3rd chapter. If I try to access the 2nd or

3rd chapters via the menu, all I get is a bunch of pixelation. I'm using XP and my

computer exceeds all the requirements listed on the box. I've tried using 2 different

kinds of discs and I get the same results. I've also tried 3 different DVD players.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Actually, there is a place for version 6..... under Legacy products and you'll get moved there.


Does the DVD play on your computer? If it does, then there is nothing wrong with the DVD.


However, you need to go to the website of the DVD burner manufacturer or computer manufacturer (if it came with the computer) and check for Updates/Firmware for your burner.


If the burner didn't come with the computer, did you install the drivers that came with the burner? Many times people rely on the default Windows drivers and the burner will not work properly.

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It will create a ISO file. I've tried using DVD Decrypter to use the ISO file to burn

the DVD.


Why did you use Decrypter? All you had to do was to open the .iso file with Disc Copier and that would have transferred it to the DVD in the normal format.


It's hard to say where the errors crept in - it could be from source, from ECD or even from Decrypter

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