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Picture Cut Off

Runzu Girl


I burned a DVD yesterday and when watching it, I was severely dismayed to see that the picture was cut off. As in, the sides were. It was about 10% from each side. I don't really understand why the sides were cut, I made sure that all the settings that could be set were to be in full screen. Does it matter if the video is in widescreen format? The source video file was an avi file.


BTW - How does one burn from a image/.vob files using the software? I do also have Alcohol 120% installed on here. :huh:


Appreciating Any Feedback,

Runzu :)

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Aspect ratio has nothing to do with it. This is known as TV OVERSCAN and has been around since TV was invented. Here is a good article at Wikipedia.


There are several ways to prevent this:

Plan ahead when you shoot images and allow for TV overscan.

Use a color panel. Then place the image on the overlay track. Reduce to 85%

Using an image editor like PhotoSuite, add a border of about 10-15% to the image.

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