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Switching off burning status display?





I not a particular fan of the way the Toast window shrinks down while burning:-


It shrinks down to the wrong (expected) corner, it seems to use blurry bitmaps for it's graphics and it doesn't really offer me anything other than reduced size and burn speed indicator. I actually preferred it in T7.


Any chance of a preference in the next update to not use that window? Obviously, I would like to keep the extra info items somewhere - Burn speed, etc.


Have my cake and eat it? Me? :)



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I'm not too keen on the way the shrinking window works at the moment either... At the moment I'm saving a video-DVD as disc image. It's about 40 percent through, but the text in the window still says "Waiting...". The text is wonky when burning data DVDs as well. It usually doesn't report it's writing the Lead-in, for instance.


I mean, it all looks very sophisticated, but with Toast 7 at least I could check what it was doing. Think I saw a pref setting to switch animation off. If it's there I'll give that a try and see what happens.

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