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Toast Video Player looses place on Fast Forward etc..



First off a big thank you to Roxio for providing this function. I am wondering if Elgato or Roxio is the best place to go for support on the player.


So far everything works as advertised with a Series 2 DVR working on DirectTV with Mac OSX 10.4.8, except navigating using FFWD, RWND or Skip in the player is quirky at best.


Was wondering if others are having the same issue. Running off a direct attach FW800 LaCie External hard drive.




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I have the same problem. Apart from losing its place and jumping back a minute or so, the controls don't work properly--fast forward is rewind, command key plus right arrow is rewind, jump is rewind, everything rewinds.


The only was I can get fast forward to work is by actually selecting it from the menu bar, and even then you have the problem with the player jumping backwards.


Dragging in the timeline is the only way to do it now, and that's a pain because the intervals are like 45 seconds at a time. You can't drag to a specific time, it seems.


Malfunctions like this are beta-level problems, I feel.

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