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DVD Languages Are being Left out when using DISCCOPIER 9



I am having trouble getting all the english audio tracks to copy from dvds. When I go to copy a dual layer disc to a single layer one I have been going in and selecting all the english tracks for the audio to be sure and include dts, ac3, and directors commentaries. Howerver, when the movie finishes copying either to folder, iso, or onto a disc, I have been often not getting all of the audio I select and at other times I get french or spanish even when I don't select them. Its random and doesn't happen all the time but enough to make it difficult to trust the application. I'm not sure why it's doing this or exactly when it started but it seems to be very persistant now. I'm not doing anything else while this is going on and as I said it does appear to be random and not happening with every movie I copy. I noticed that under options there is no persistant settings for english or what audio tracks to copy so you have to select them every time. But, as I said even when I select them the program seems to have a mind of its own and does what it pleases. Sometimes leaving out audio tracks I select or copying those I never selected. Any suggestions as what might be happening here would be appreciated.

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