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Message from Raxco about Vista


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Seems Raxco was testing PerfectDisk and found a bug in Vista. Here's part of the email I got from them.


Raxco is proud to announce that PerfectDisk 8 is the first and only defragmenter to be Certified for Windows Vista by Microsoft. PerfectDisk 8 Build 50 is now available for use on Windows Vista, as well as Windows XP Home/Professional, Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000 Professional/Server.




During the PerfectDisk 8 Vista certification testing process, Raxco’s development team uncovered a bug within a component of Windows Vista that could potentially cause hard drive corruption. Raxco has already reported this bug to Microsoft and Microsoft is working to resolve the issue. Raxco has designed PerfectDisk 8 build 50 to specifically work around this issue.

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"But is it surprising? "


I agree larry. Just remember all of the other big operating system jumps that MS has made and you will see that Vista is not any different. Wait a year or so and everyone will have quit talking knocking Vista.


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