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Major Problems



To the many so called Gurus, I appreciate the fact that you are here in an effort to help the many, and I do mean the many of us that have been experiencing problems with 8. I have called, written and gone as far as borrowing my brothers newer edition of 8. ALL HAVE FAILED. I've been reading this site, trying to get to the bottom of my many problems. I do in fact wish you could help, I know your intentions are very good. But lets all admit this program is seriously flawed. Most of us are here because we can't get any help from Roxio direct. Here are 2 issues from my laundry list of problems


Everytime I try to capture or even open that component I get the C++ Runtime Error, but I can go back in 7 and it works great.


Everytime I try to open Slideshow from the menu it closes the main menu then reopens the main menu and never opens the slide show program.


I have been unable to open or use any of the programs in EMC 8 since I bought it in OCTOBER!! Today, I tried to load version C, again it failed. It also failed on the other computer I installed on. Failed meaning the same things are happening. I have installed and uninstalled about 6 times, and I have downloaded the "patch" which seemd to really make it worse. I can still use 7 with no issues or problems.


If we have to reconfigure our computer for this program is it worth it? I love Roxio and couldn't wait to load 8. I still can't wait to use it. But first I have to get it to open a program.


At this point, after all you have seen and read, is it smarter (and quicker) to continue to use 7, abandon 8 completey, and wait until they fix the obvious problems. I welcome your advise and help in getting this program operational. You guys all seem to be pretty well connected from what I have read, so really am spinning my wheels and wasting my time with 8? I truly want it to work and would love to have Roxio Tech support help so you guys can help us with the cool things this program offers, and not just the basic install that it appears many are experiencing, at least from what I've read here.


I don't seem to be the only one experiencing this and I have yet to see any true "fixes" on this discussion site for any of the problems. In your opinion is 8 a lemon, and if so is it best to sit tight, use 7 and wait for Roxio to get it fixed right? At this point I can only open and get the main menu page. I'm sure you will tell me its a bad install, so, how do I fix a bad install and then once fixed how do I fix te C++ Runtime errors?

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