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copy dvd's vs copy disc



if i try to copy a dvd (non-protected) using copy disc, it gets me up to a point where i load a dvd unused into the 2nd drive, click copy, and the dvd gets spit out. the info box on the side only notes that i have a dvd to be copied in the first drive.

if i use "copy dvd's) everything goes smoothly.

ok- so i can copy a dvd using copy dvd movies.

then what is the tab titled copy disc for?

again i am using 2 lite-on cdvdrw drives, lh-18aip, with the latest firmware.


just a curiousity- couldn't find the answer in the roxio manual

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I tried copying a DVD I made using 2 drives.I chose one as the Source and one as the destination.I made sure the bottom box showed the correct box as the destination.I pushed burn and away it went.It worked just fine.It was slow as heck though.

Try using Disc Copier from the Start menu.It's under Start,Programs,Roxio EMC9,Copy.It works a lot faster.

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