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Burning problem



I have often burned from an edited video to disk without difficulty but this time I'm coming up with a problem. There is no error message but the software just seems to shut down when the burn is 99% complete. The resulting disc is not usable


Reading the forum, I tried to get around it by creating an ISO file and then using disc copier to burn the disc - still no luck. Creating the ISO is fine but once I go to burn the disc I am getting the following message:


E:HL-DT-ST DVD RAM GSA-H10A ("Program memory area update failure" [03/73/04])



Suggestions most welcome!

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There's a thread on that problem here




"...it's normally caused by poor media, dust on the optical head, recording software problems, old firmware on the recorder, or a recorder in need of alignment. But 90% of the time its media related...."


You could try using a CD lens cleaner and see if that helps if changing the media doesn't work

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