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directly importing from CDs- all I get is a hissing sound

Samuel Beckett


I am trying to make a mix CD made up of individual tracks from different prerecorded CDs (favorites of 06) on my brand new macbook, using Toast 8. For reasons I can't figure out, it's not working. Oddly, the user's guide never specifically mentions taking tracks directly off of a CD to make a "audio CD", though you can access them through media browser, or just drag them from the CD to Toast, or navigate from the "+" button in toast. I've tried all these methods.


No matter how I transfer the tracks, the tracks look like they transfer, but the only sound that plays is a loud hiss -- both in Toast preview and on a CD player when I try to record. Am I missing a secret step that's so obvious it doesn't need to go into the user's guide or something? For some reason the tracks are imported as AIFF files -- shouldn't they be redbook files or whatever they call the files playable on a CD player? I'd think that shouldn't matter, since if you choose to make an audio CD any type of file should convert to the type of file that will play in a CD player, right? Is there something special I have to do? I know the superdrive works, and that toast can do music CD to CD transfer, because I have successfully copied a prerecorded CD.


I made a similar post on macrumors and someone replied that this is a known bug and will be fixed. Is this true?


Thanks in advance.

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>This strikes me as a pretty core function.


Apparently not as common as you would think... it turns out that everyone who tested it before release (including the Roxio testers and our beta testers) rip their music into iTunes first, and then pull from either iTunes or the media browser.


That said, it will be fixed in the next update.

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