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Audio CD Text and other Toast 8 shortcomings



A couple of observations about Toast 8: You can no longer rename an audio CD from the main window, you must click the "More" button on the bottom left. Unacceptable.


My audio files are named with a track number and the track title (01 A Hard Day's Night). Dragging them into Toast 8, the track numbers are automatically deleted (and placed in the "Artist" field in the "More" dialog). Unacceptable


Just like Toast 7.1 and 7.1.2, Toast 8 is incompatible with my Yamaha CRW2100 CD-RW recorder. Spinning Beach Ball of Death. Roxio had been alerted to this problem by several users in the 7.1 forum and stated that they'd look into it, but, obviously, they never did.


So, whiz-bang graphics aside (dialog boxes seemed to have been ignored), we seemed to have taken a giant step backwards with Toast 8. This 'upgrade' is obviously a work in progress and Roxio should consider compensating all us 'beta testers' that laid out way too much money for it.

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The problem is the Yamaha firewire bridge is not standard. The drive works fine if you remove it from the case. The bridge has a communication problem with the Mac. That is an old drive and an old bridge. That Yamaha drive has always had problems, it was just never good.


I think it has been posed by one of the Roxio Admin before, but that drive will never work again.

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Is there a particular reason that you still use the Yamaha burner instead of a newer drive since the Yamaha is 6 years old?



I really use them both. True, the Yamaha is getting on in it's years, but I burn audio at 8x, and the Yamaha has NEVER let me down. I can burn to one drive from the finder (or a second installation of Toast) while burning with Toast to the other drive simultaneously.

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