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compatibility (again)



Hi all,

Im sorry to have to ask this again but on the 27th jan, i asked a question about a compatibility problem with nero & emc9 working along side one another,

gi7omy, kindly answered my question, well untill i went to remove my old version of

Roxio Creator LE - Dell Edition i also found

creator projects

recordnow audio (2.04)

recordnow copy (2.04)

recordnow date (2.04)

now will all 3 be removed when i uninstal roxio creator LE Dell edition ?

or do they have to removed separately as they are listed separately as are the ones ive listed below

i aslo found

roxio mydvd (LE) (6.1.6)

sonic activation module (1.0)

sonic update manager (3.0.0)

so basically do i have to remove all of the above b4 i install emc9,

sorry i just dont want to cause any major problems,

thank you..... Abb

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It would probably be best to uninstall all of them.The V9 install would tell you of the ones it needed to uninstall but for safety sake I'd get rid of all of them.


Thank you tbrewst, Just was not sure & thought it would be best to ask again, but thank you again for your help & speedy reply....Abb

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