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Taking a sound clip from my production to use in My Menu



I have successfully edited my very first production, which is a 2-part TV show I cut commercials out of and made a menu for.


Within the show itself is the theme music for the show; about 20 seconds' worth. I would like to copy that music clip and use it for the background music of My Menu. (The menu simply consists of two choices [buttons?]; Part 1 or Part 2 of the series.)


How do I take that 20-second clip of music and apply it to the menu part?


Note: I have already changed the background of the menu to a still .jpg photo, so it is not an animation any longer.



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There is only one to extract audio from a video file - Media Manager. You right click on the file and the select EXTRACT AUDIO. Unfortunately, the file you have is very long. SO... You could create a separate Videowave project. Add the video. Shorten the clip to just the 20-30seconds you want and then OUTPUT TO FILE to a second MPEG. Then extract the audio from THAT file.

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You could extract the audio from one of the clips and then edit out that part with Sound Editor.


May be easier to just search the net for the TV show theme song.



It is the first suggestion of yours that I am in favor of learning to do, but having trouble with. I have isolated the clip in question using MyDVD (using markers). The problem is that there doesn't seem to be a straightforward or intuitive way to copy ONLY that audio clip and save it to disk.


I have tried using markers in MyDVD, and right-clicking, but it doesn't offer an "EXTRACT AUDIO CLIP" option, etc. It did offer a "copy" option when right-clicking, but I'm not sure if I copied only what was between the markers...and moreover, I don't see where to "paste" whatever it was that I copied into the clipboard.


I have also pulled the whole production up in Sound Editor, but it also doesn't seem to allow the extraction of a short bit of audio. I couldn't even figure out how to isolate the clip in Sound Editor at all, as it doesn't seem to allow the use of markers like MyDVD does. And the help files are very confusing.


The net option would need to be a last resort because I know this can be done somehow, and I am going to require this audio-clipping feature for many of my future productions. (FYI: The 2-part series is the BBC's production of "Walking with Cavemen," a documentary on evolution, and not a theme, therefore, that is readily found on the net.)

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I will admit to a slight bit of curiosity here - that is a BBC production - and the Beeb doesn't HAVE any commercials


I recorded the series from the Science Channel here in the states, and they inserted many commercials.


My DVR is only connected to my livingroom TV, and so I edited the commercials out and am trying to burn them so that I may view it in other rooms of my house, too, as well as on my laptop when I travel.


Do you have a solution to the audio problem I am having? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated?

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I appreciate your input regarding copyright issues relating to recorded shows, however, I have already contacted TiVo regarding this matter, and have been assured by them that everything I am doing is perfectly legal, as per their own website: http://www.tivo.com/


The first FAQ (with answer) reads as follows:


What are TiVoToGo™ transfers?

TiVoToGo™ transfers are a new TiVo service feature available to all networked TiVo® Series2™ DVRs. This service enhancement allows you to transfer programs* from your TiVo box to your desktop or laptop PC so you can watch your favorite programs on that PC wherever you take it. Also, we've partnered with Sonic Solutions to offer DVD burning of these transferred shows. This will enable DVD burning of your favorite shows if you have a DVD burner on your PC.


Furthermore, the reason I am using Sonic Solutions software is because TiVo has "partnered" with them specifically for the purpose of allowing "DVD burning of these transferred shows."


Again, I appreciate and respect your concern here, however, I am still at a loss on how to do this. If you are aware of how to extract a short bit of audio from a production, and insert it into the menu, then I would greatly appreciate your help.

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OK - being in a totally different area geographically, things are a bit different here


All I can really suggest is that you try to rip the soundtrack from the captured file (using one of the commercial rippers) and save that somewhere and then try to incorporate it in the final production


If you google for them, there are lots around for audio extraction from video files

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