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CD Spin Doctor 3.1t



SD 3.1t will not auto-define tracks for me.


I recorded an LP side and tried to use the auto-define track feature, but no matter what setting I choose in the SD preferences, there is only a single 17+ minute track for the whole side. There should be 4 separate tracks i.e., songs.


Any idea what I'm doing wrong?


The SD Help says to set the sensitivity to +71, but the setting only goes up to + 0.330. Something appears out of whack with this version I paid for with Toast Titanium 7! I have tries all sorts of setting combinations without luck.


Any useful advice is appreciated, since I am excited to begin converting my extensive and rare LP collection to digital media. I would prefer not to have to resort to manually selecting the tracks everytime.


BTW, I am reposting this link I found in another post. It appears to be an exceptional application for removing LP pops and clicks without removing quality. Take a good look at this software!!







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Did you ever find a solution for the problem with auto defining tracks in spin doctor... I am trying to do this and have played with the settings with no success.. Help


Yup. I pulled the SD version from my Toast 7 CD and it works fine.


Apparently the version packaged with the download upgrade is toast - pun intended!!


It would be nice if Roxio acknowledged this and provided a repaired update for their customer base.



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Is there a silence between the tracks? If there isn't then there is no way for Spin Doctor to know when a track ends or begins.


I usually forgo the automatic track selection because I still need to go in and make manual adjustments. In Spin Doctor preferences be sure to enable the ability to zoom more into the wave form because that makes the gaps easier to see.

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