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Difficult Creating Audio DVDs (Help!)





I find the format in creating audio DVDs extremely confusing. Instead of the usual listing of songs as in creating audio cds, the audio DVD format has its world,which I don't understand. For example, how do I "trim" the length of songs? How can I see alls the songs in an understandable list?


And if I've created 3 or 4 cds in Toast 8, can I simply take them and import them and create 1 audio dvd? This would make my life a lot simpler.


Thanks for your help?


Jeff Zajac

Highland Park, NJ

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Are you referring to the Music DVD format in the Audio window. There is no audio editing options available. If you drag a group of tracks (or a folder of tracks) to the Audio window with Music DVD selected as the format, a title appears in the window and the tracks are placed within that title (up to 99 tracks per title). There is information in the "Making a Music DVD" portion of Toast Help.


As for dragging tracks from audio CDs into the Toast Audio window, there seems to be a bug in the current version that causes audio problems when you do this. You should import the tracks from iTunes or the hard drive until this gets fixed with a Toast update.

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