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Digital Media Experience




How can I stop Digital Media Experience being my Default DVD Player, as I would prefer to use another DVD player programme. I put in a DVD and the Windows option Box pops up to ask which programme I would like to perform the task, It dosen't matter which programme I choose as soon as I click OK Digital Media Experience opens up. I even been to 'My Computer' - 'Drive E' (my DVD Rom Drive) - 'Properties' and highlighted the programme I wish to use with DVD's, but as soon as I put a disc in up pops DME

Thanks in advance for any help

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Just a thought (that doesn't happen with me) but have you got Media Watch running?


I disable that in msconfig so that it doesn't autorun at start (I found it a bit of a resource hog) but that could be why it's defaulting to DME for clips


It is in the startup section when you open msconfig as RoxWatchTray9.exe

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Yes I did click on 'always use this programme' and the next time I put in a DVD it automatically went to DME with out asking which programme I would like to use


If you checked the box then open Explorer,go to Tools,Folder Options,File Types and look down the box for DVD.When you highlight it,towards the bottom of the box you'll see "opens with" and it should show DME.Hit the change button and change it to whatever app you'd like.

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I tried Tery's suggestion - to put it simpler


Right click on your DVD drive and select Properties


Go to the Autoplay tab and select DVD Movie from the drop down menu


Choose 'Select an action to perform'


Pick the required app (or select 'Take no action')


Clock #Apply'


Repeat if necessary for 'Video Files'



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