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Drag 2 Disk closing issue



I'm using drag 2 disk to put files on cd then take them to another pc without roxio and use the files there.


I wanted to try out the 'Add ISO/Joliet Support' option on drag 2 disk, but every time i use it, it fails and says "Failed to prepare media for CD-ROM or DVD-ROM compatibillity." .


It fails will all the options even with the no UDF option. If i try it without the fancy iso support then it seems to close without fail, but i don't think i am getting the best compatabillity. :)


This ease and user friendlyness is the reason i use Roxio, i didn't have this problem with older versions, they all worked OK.


Am i doing somthing wrong, or do i not know about somthing?

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I have not been able to close a D2D disc with V9, however it usually is not needed or desired.


XP will read any disc regardless of whether it is closed or not. If the OS does not have a Reader, a D2D disc will detect that and offer to install one.


D2D in V9 is different and you may want to browse the posting I made in Tips & Tricks, to see other things of interest.

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