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EMC9 Convert .WAV to MP3



I have searched the forums for this issue first but found none that referenced EMC9.


I am trying to convert some .WAV files to MP3.

However when I go to the Sound Editor and try to "add" the audio file I get an error.


The File "Elena10.wav" does not exist or is not a supported audio file


I have 11 others to do and tried it and get the same error.


Can EMC9 convert .WAV files to MP3?


Is there something else that I must do?


Info: .WAV files are from a Russian CD that is teaching English, trying to convert the WAV files to on my MP3 so that I can listen to while walking/jogging. The "output" of the WAV is in english.....

The .WAV files are on my desktop as I already moved them from the CD. :)

The .WAV files are about 30 min in length.


I am able to perform a "Capture Audio from Sound Card" just fine, I just dont feel like waiting 30 minutes to do each and every file.


Thanks in advance.


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If you can look at one of your wav files with Explorer,right click on it,go to Properties,Summary,Advanced and scroll to Audio at the bottom.What does it say there for Bit Rate and Audio sample rate?


Bit Rate = 64kbps

Audio Sample = 44 kHz

Channels = 1

Audio Format = MPEG Layer-3


I am using Media Player 11 on one machine and 10 on the other with same results. :)

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If you put a commercial Audio CD in you drive and follow the same steps to convert it, do you get the same error?


I do not get the same error. It actually works.




If you load this Russian CD and bring it into Windows Media Player, can it convert to mp3?


No I cannot.

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The Disk plays just fine, also when I copy the file(s) from the disk to my desktop, they also play fine.

So if it is a copy protected file, I would think that I would get that type of error stating it is copy protected.


Well I guess I have to use the capture sound from sound card to get these to MP3!

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One further thought - if you installed Media Player 11, you should know that the DRM settings on this are very tight (to the extent of blocking some stuff being converted).


If you installed that, uninstall and roll back to WMP 9 or 10

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