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BUMP 7.x (EMC) and missing/mis-named targets





I got BUMP 7.x as part of EMC 9 and when I started my first backup it doesn't see one of my available targets and mis-names the other. The targets are both the same, HP-640C DVD drives configured as F: and G:. It uses drive F: but refers to it as G: The actual drive G: does not show up as an available target.


DVDInfoPro (another tool in EMC9) correctly sees both drives, as does XP (SP2 fully patched).


I thought I could live with it but the verify after the backup failed without explanation. I tried to search this forum for a similar situation and it appears that one other topic (unanswered) deals with a similar issue but not resolved.


Anyone got any ideas?


Thanks in advance!



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Have the same problem. See http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=15330.

There is a registry entry where all the info is stored, but so far I have been unable to decode everything in the entry, it is fairly large. It is located at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Sonic\Backup MyPC\6.0\Devices , although on yours it will probably be 7.0. You will find entries for DEV0 (file), DEV1 (first DVD), and DEV2 (second DVD). For whatever reason, I believe the software is keying off of the firmware revision of the burners. When I have 2 different firmware revisions, it recognizes both drives in their proper place. Every time you restart BUMP, this info is updated, although I have partially been able to keep it from doing this by turning manual_config on. Unfortunately, not being able to decode all the info there, prevents me from getting working 100%. Been a while since I tried, may have to try again, but it has not prevented me from doing backups or DRs.

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