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Problems Verifying Discs in Toast 8

Greg M


I created a few Discs with Toast 8 to try it out. Everytime the disc burns without error. However, when the verify process starts, it fails and quits just as soon as it started. The odd thing is I tried 5 DVD's and all 5 had the same error, something to the effect of block 1007 of 114,125 doesn't match. The odd thing is that all 5 discs had the same error verbatime, same block number etc.


So if the discs aren't burning correclty, wouldn't each one have its own unique block code that was off, rather then the same one always being off? Makes me wonder if there is a program glitch that prevents a certain part from being read correctly. Any ideas?


Also, I was doing a 2 disc archive (i.e. buring a 8 Gig file onto 2 DVDs). I was able to restore and use the file on the DVD without problem, so it appears that the disc did burn correctly.


Also, after receiving the verify error, I wasn't allowed to skip the error and continue burning, so I had to start my archive process over from Disc one again.



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