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I'm a brand new user of MyDVD Studio Deluxe. I have a folder on my desktop of digital video files from a digital videocam that I want to burn to DVD. It's 3.09 GB and contains 305 files. When I tried to burn it, I got a message that it couldn't create that many chapters - I think it could only make 99 chapters. I tried to proceed anyway, and in the middle of the project, Windows shut the program down. How can I get all of these burned onto one DVD? I don't mind if they aren't broken into chapters - I'd just like them all to play one after another.

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Try putting the first 90 or so files into a movie making program, if you have one, and make one movie. Then take the next 90 or so files and do the same. The next 90 of so and so on until you have about 4 movies. If you save them in .AVI format, you can then load them back into the movie program and make one movie DVD. Don't know if this helps or not. I am not familiar with MYDVD program, but there must be a workaround.



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