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Issues with "Jam" features on Toast 8?




First one, is that it's now two clicks to get to custom, no big deal, but in Jam 6 hitting the crossfade button got you there in one...


The one that is an issue is this:

Once you apply the crossfades, the total time for the disc (or project) does not change.

This worked in Jam 6.

So, if the total time before fades was 60 min, and there are 10 tracks that I applyed a 6 sec. crossfade to each, the total time still shows as 60 min, where in Jam 6, it would now show as 59 min...

As a fitness instroctor, this is a big deal...


Yes, I know I could still use Jam 6, but would like to clean up my hard drive some...


Any ideas on how to fix these, or if they are "bugs"?




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I found I could get the time to update if I changed the gap on one of the tracks to something and then back to what I wanted it to be. Of course you don't want to do this with a track that has a crossfade directly preceding it or you'll lose that and have to redo it.

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