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Uninstall parts of Easy Media Creator 9



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The only app in the suite that can be directly uninstalled is Drag to Disc (that can be removed in add/remove programs)


As for the rest - what most of us resorted to was going to start, run and entering msconfig and then disabling the unwanted stuff that runs at boot so that, while it may still be there, it isn't firing up all the time

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Actually, the following bits also have their own entry in Add/remove (in addition to drag to disc, Content disc and EMC 9 suite):


Xingtone ringtone maker


Otherwise, as tbrewst suggests, in add/remove on Roxio EMC 9 suite click change, then next, then select modify, click next. Click on the module you want to uninstall and set it to the red X ('this feature will not available'), then continue. I'm not sure whether this completely removes the related files or just deactivates the module.

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