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Failed Discs Durring Spanning



I have a very large amount of data that I was hoping that spanning would ease the burn process, but Toast seemed to crash after the progress bar froze. I noticed that a disc with 5 minutes burn time remaining didn't finish by 20 minutes past. Activity monitor did not report that Toast was not responding, but I chose to force quit it anyway since no progress had been made.


After a restart and ejecting the failed disc, I noticed that there are no obvious options to finish a spanned disc set after a crash or other stop in the process. This concerns me, being that my total project was expected to take the better of 30 discs. This seems a terrible situation for someone who would desire to pause and return at a later date, which is where I find myself. I've looked at the contents of the first third of the set, and it seems that I won't have to redo them even if I changed to making the rest of the discs individually and giving up the possible disc space optimization that spanning is.


But I don't want to start again and make individual toast files for the remaining eight-teen discs. I'd rather shut my computer down, run some diagnostics, make any repairs, and continue at disc nine rather than disc one. Even if I removed the portion of the toast listing that makes up the existing successful discs, the index provided and disc titles would have skewed numbers.


I'm desperate for a complete answer because I would like to remove this unnecessary drain on my hard disc space since archival would be the better answer. I don't look forward to one line answers of "sorry, it don't work that way" although I am incapable of stopping the possibility of that truth. In that case, I will add the "get used to it" myself since there's no arguing with what expectations are made for larger software companies or their ability to listen to simple feature requests.



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That's great that they thought of prompting the user to reburn now during disc spanning, but what about those of us with unfinished disc collections?

I downloaded the update now, but I still have TWO discs that failed during my spanning. I have 45 gigs of data and burned 9 out of 11 DVDs! I just need to burn disc 4 and disc 8, but toast won't let me do that without burning everything again! I've wasted so many DVDs and time on this project now.


Are you using v7.0.2 of Toast?.. that version added some logic to gracefully handle a failed disc during spanning... where you would be prompted to re-burn that disc in the set instead of having to start again at the beginning of the set.
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