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EyeTV Chapters in Toast 8



I'm relatively new to DVD-burning. I have EyeTV 1.8.5 and just purchased Toast 8. Now I can't get anything from EyeTV to burn to Toast with chapters in it. I have a 2 hour show that has only 1 chapter on the DVD. I was using Toast 7 before and it worked fine.


So, what I'm doing is recording a program in EyeTV, then exporting it to the "For Toast" format. In Toast, I'm using Video/ DVD-Video, then dragging the exported file into the Toast window. The directions say that a video tab should pop up when I double-click on the program in the Toast window, and that the chapter options are there, but then they say that some files (like mpeg-2) don't have a video tab. Should I be exporting to a different type of file?


In Toast 7 it just put in the chapters every five minutes, which wasn't ideal but wasn't a problem either. What am I doing wrong?


(I'm using a new iMac with OS 10.4.8)

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