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how to get appendable DVD, please?



Dear All,


I am using sonic recordnow dx 4.6, it came with my XP home SP2 PC.


I select data, drag and drop a a folder (contains jpegs) to recordnow, right click on the folder name and select properties, I can see TAO, not closed is selected but the disk is not appendable when I try to put more stuff on it. I've wasted two DVD-Rs now :)


I've since also found a property in tools->options->wizard->DVD and that has a dot for the one recording only selection. Is this overriding the selection I make in the folder properties above?

If it does then why the **&^% doesn't it say so!


I'd like to make sure before I waste another disk, or can anyone tell me what else I need to do to make an appendable disk, please?






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