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Hybrid Dvd-video With Mac And Windows Data -- Is It Possible?



Hi there,


I'm a Macromedia Director developer in need of some advice as to whether or not what I wish to achieve is even possible!


I need to produce a DVD with DVD-Video content that will play on a good old regular domestic DVD-Video player; sitting alongside this DVD-Video content will be a Macromedia Director projector [ie, a data section].


But, and here's the crux, the Director projectors are to be both Mac and Windows and anybody who has any experience of creating cross-platform CD-ROMs will know that under Toast you need to produce a custom hybrid CD-ROM and share the content from the Mac partition across to the ISO [Windows] partition.


Bearing in mind that I need to produce what appears to be a hybrid DVD-Video + Data is this at all even possible? And if so what the blooming heck is the right procedure for doing under Toast 7?


Many thanks in advance.


Regards, Mark :)

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A few things to try, not sure what will work.



Burn the DVD video part (UDF) and set the session as open (possible?)

Then burn the next session as a hybrid (custom possible?)


All 1 format

This is a UDF (DVD Video) formatted disk

Put your video_ts folder at the root level

Then put 2 folders at the root level (1 for the Mac projector and 1 for the win projector)

Then a user has to open the correct folder (in win you could try an autorun.ini file at the root level as well)


The issue with the all-in-1 is that it may auto start the DVD player and if on win, also your win projector if you have an autorun.ini


Good luck!

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Macs and PCs can both read files burned to DVD-Rom (UDF) format. So just follow Toast's instructions on how to burn a video DVD with data content. The way I do it is to select DVD-Rom in the Data window, click New Disc and name the disc the same as I name the disc in the Video window, Create a new folder and add the data content. Then I go to the Video window and set up my video for recording. In the custom settings I select the add data content option.


As a test I choose Save as Disc Image to see if everything turns out correctly. If it does then I burn the DVD. You can't burn the DVD from the image file though because only the video portion will get included. There's a workaround to that which I can explain if it matters.

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