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MyDVD 9: "Menu is Full" Increasing menu capacity?



This is essentially the same problem reported by Brian on 19 Dec 2006. I use “MyDVD 9” “Edit Chapters” to mark new chapters in a movie. When I close out the edit chapters window, after compilation, the result is that only four titles are added to a menu, additional chapters are forced to a sub menu. I am editing a dance tape and want 10 or even 20 titles on the first chapter title menu. I can do this manually by dragging titles from chapter submenus to the top chapter menu but then you must manually resize and place the buttons as well as delete the sub-menus. Also, before each title can be added to the top chapter menu a window appears warning that the menu is full. Is there not a setting that will allow one to dictate the number of titles that appear on a menu before a sub-menu is created?


Also, I attempted to create a “custom” menu after placing 12 chapter titles on the top chapter menu and arranging their respective buttons but the software refuses to see the menu that I created and only appears to see an idealized version with the first four title buttons centered. A useable custom menu that can be used to model what I want is not created.


Oh, the menu that I created with the 12 chapter title does work in the preview window so this is problem with the menu constructing portion of the software not the execution portion. Any ideas for making the creating of menus like this less labor intensive? Thanks.

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Have you tried saving the menu as a production instead of a custom menu? Then to use that menu open that production and add whatever you want to it to make other productions.

That's what I did when I encountered the problem (would not save custom menu properly). However I never went as far as 12.

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