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Unable to log in to this board. On another computer



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You may need to go through the www;roxio.com sight and navigate through Michelle, then enter your pass and login so that the cookies are set for the second machine.


Also ensure that you have the popup blocker disabled for Roxio

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I had a similar problem a week or so ago Michelle and I had three different computers. One computer I could log on with my e-mail address and password and on another computer I logged on with the same e-mail address but had to use an older password. And on the third computer I couldn't log on at all.


I changed my password back to the old one I had and then all of a sudden I could log on to the forum with all three computers. One possible reason was more than one server could have been used which possibly could be out of sync with each other. Try changing your password on both computers and then don't log off when you leave the forum.



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